Did You Know That Government Is Offering
Rebates For U.S. Homeowners?

The U.S. Government has a policy that helps its citizens switch to solar panels, but are strapped for cash. You can have your solar panels installed without giving a penny upfront.

The solar industry has great potentials and offers great advantages.

By harnessing the energy of the Sun,
it saves the environment and creates new job
openings for people working in the industry.

The U.S. Government recognized the impact of this change, which is why they decided to encourage its citizens to make the switch.

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit program offers homeowners in allowed zipcode areas a switch to solar panels and permanent reduction of their monthly electric bills.  

Once you make the switch to solar, you are eligible for the investment tax credit when filing your federal tax return. Even if you don’t have enough tax liability for one year, you can transfer it to next years.


Through the period of the last 10 years, electricity costs increased at a rate of 2.2% per year.

With solar panels, you are producing your own energy that makes you independent which leaves you unaffected of the changes occurred in utility rates.

Apart from saving the environment, solar panels offer great savings on electricity bills to U.S. homeowners. Considering that an average American family spends over $1,400 a year solely on electricity bills, this is a longterm savings opportunity.

Solar panels are a growing trend because they protect the environment, create new jobs, reduces electric bills, protect homeowners from being affected by changing utility rates and enables them to get their tax return through the years to come.

Join the community of homeowners that decided it’s high time to take control of their electric bills and started saving their money. Calculate your saving for the years to come.

Find out how much money you could save using solar panels.